Friday, 29 March 2013

When you're tired and want to procrastinate...

... you can make a blog post.

So many things need to be done. Projects, papers, homework, tutorials, exams.
To be honest I'm not supposed to make a blog post because I'm supposed to use the time to study / do tutorials.

But to be honest, the pace is too fast. My useless brain cannot cope with the speed of the lesson.
The only lesson that I faithfully go to is actually Japanese class (I'm 6 chapters behind my Maths module), but somehow I'm not really doing well.

I've studied, but somehow the other students are always better, and they always know more. So many vocabs and kanji to be memorized, grammar to be gotten used to,...
Maybe I should blame the small capacity of my brain and just accept the fact that I will be inferior to others. Or I can be really hardworking to get good results, which is what I'm doing right now, and it's currently driving me crazy.

It's driving me crazy because I feel like a zombie who does nothing but studying or doing projects, and it makes me depressed thinking that I will spend the next four years like this.

Moreover, I'm not particularly motivated to study either, so the obligation to study and get good results feel torturous.


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