Friday, 29 March 2013

White Day

Just like a girl thinking too much about what does her crush mean when he said "See you!" on the school corridor, I've been thinking too much about why the teacher has not replied back to my reply on her email to me. It goes from the possible ones to the crazy ones.

Maybe the inbox has not been opened?
Maybe the she forgot to reply?
Maybe my email never reached? (I actually tried to send an email to my other email address to check)
Maybe I mistakenly delete the reply? (By this time I've checked my trash bin for around 5 times)
Maybe the she got the name wrong? I mean, there are a lot of "Vanessa", maybe the email wasn't for me?
Maybe she changed her mind?
Maybe she's turned off because I replied from my phone? (You know, got "Sent from Samsung Mobile" at the bottom)
Maybe the other teacher saw and she got scolded?
Maybe she checked my mid-term test, saw how badly I did for the exam, and changed her mind?
Maybe this happens a lot and she's actually a player and she's doing it on purpose?

My heart actually skipped a beat when I received the email (mostly because I was scared that I forgot handing in an assignment or forgot that there's a class today or something).
It's possible that it was really directed to me. I mean, yesterday was White Day! >:(
I was kinda hoping that at least one of them would say (or give) something (although the probability is like only 5%)


In the end she really gave me cookies in return of the chocolate I gave to her on Valentine's Day :)))
Lemon cookies <3


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