Thursday, 19 May 2011

Bleak future

Even at this tender age of 18 I can predict my future.

I will not study hard, I will graduate from a university with decent grade, I will work in this small company as an office lady, I will rent a room somewhere, I will have a meagre salary, and I will work not very diligently, thus I never get any promotion, I won't like my boss, but I won't say anything about it, I won't have any friend, I will make a stop in a shop everyday after work and wish that I can buy those stuff in the store, I may not find any guy that would marry me, I may grow old alone, wishing how nice it would be if I am richer, prettier, smarter, and braver.

I would wish I have that creativity, that talent, that confidence, that ability to be able to be good at what I am doing, that courage to speak up my thoughts, to challenge the world, to stand up against people.


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