Thursday, 19 May 2011

For my GP teacher

*every year, my GP teacher would ask us to write a feedback for her. Since I usually have a blank-out moment everytime people ask me to do something spontaneously, I would prepare myself and write this in advance. Or maybe I will write her a letter at the end of the year.

Dear GP tutor,

When we first met, I have to say that I don't like you. Maybe it's because I think you have this arrogant aura around you, which would come from your vast knowledge and years of experience. I think you can't help it, because I can see you are proud of yourself and your achievement, and I mistake your confidence with arrogance. Or maybe I don't like you because I have doubts in you, since you are a new teacher and I can't help being skeptical about you.

And I have to say I don't really like GP lesson because it's just very boring. I think all GP lessons are boring, because all we do are just practicing for compre, brain-storming, learning good structure for compo, etc. They're all focusing on the 'A' level (which is important, but I wish we do more stuff outside the syllabus). However, I do appreciate your effor to make the lesson more interesting eg having presentation with attractive prizes (I just realized other classes don't have that, and I love my starbucks card, thank you), cutting parts of a paragraph / essay outline and make us matching them ourselves, and having book review (I actually wish we would do this more often to force me to read a book).

If I think back, GP lesson was not fun as we focus more on skills and contents. But if I get a good result for my GP, I think I have to thank you.


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