Thursday, 19 May 2011

I like talking about myself

I think I'm not vain, but if I have to describe the occasions when I'm being vain, I would say I love to talk about myself.

I think I'm different, unique, interesting, etc oh I'm so conceited, but nevermind. Who would mind?

So let me talk about my current crush. I make a song lyric ;)

It's just a crush anyway, 
it's just lust that I should brush away.
It felt so right yet so wrong,
but so bright and so strong.
It's forbidden, 
but I can't help it, I'm love-ridden.
Because a smile is plastered on my face, 
and I would live my days in a daze.
But wait, no, 
I should give up and let you go.
Since it's just a crush anyway,
it's just lust that I should brush away.

Firstly, you are not the kind of person that I can confess my feelings to.
Hell, I can't even say hello, I'm invisible to you.
Secondly, my love is abominable.
Atrocious may it seem to others, they keep saying I'm despicable.
Thirdly, we're in different level.
I'm a midget and you're an angel.

When I've grown, looking back into the past,
maybe I would know it may roll down the hill.
But even though it won't last,
my greatest regret is for not having enough courage to tell you how I feel.

Because when I leave the academy,
I just hate this cowardly me.

- Nash, 19 May 2011


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