Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Untold Love

"Sensei, please teach me how to confess in Japanese!"

She looked at me with wide eyes and her mouth slightly opened, surprised.

"Confession?" She repeated the word. I nodded.

"Who do you want to confess in Japanese to?"

It must sound weird to be wanting to confess in Japanese, especially when you live in a country where everybody uses English. Even if you want to confess to your friend in Japanese class, it still doesn't make sense. It's even more impossible to confess to a Japanese, because firstly, you rarely see any Japanese person in the area, and secondly, if you know some Japanese people from the internet, it's just weird to confess to this guy you never meet before.

But I've prepared an answer for this.

"It's Hamasaki-sensei."

"Hamasaki-sensei?!" She looked even more surprised than before.

I've prepared for this reaction. Hamasaki-sensei is indeed popular with girls, but I bet she would never thought that a student would actually be serious.

Mori-sensei paused for a while.

"Sensei, I want to confess to him! Can you help me do a confession rehearsal?"

"Rehearsal? Wait, what? Wait, in the first place, Hamasaki-sensei is a teacher, you know. He will never respond to things like confession from a student."

I know. That's obvious enough. A teacher, and a Japanese one teaching in a foreign country would never risk his job just to play around with a student. He didn't even know me.

"Please, sensei! I'm going to graduate soon. Even if he won't ever receive my feeling, I want to transmit this feeling to him." I pleaded with teary eyes. Wow, I'm actually a good actor.

"I... I can't... But, I can't help you."

"You just need to tell me how the Japanese confess their love. Nothing much!"

"Ah, well... I think at least I can tell you the phrases that are usually used. But I'm not going to do anything else. Everything that you do won't have any concern with me."

I almost jumped. "Yes! I promise!"

"Okay then. Tell me how you're going to confess to him."

"Sensei, I love you! Please go out with me."

She looked bewildered. "Wow, that's very direct. Don't you think you should start with a greeting first, at least?"

I smiled. "A greeting before a confession? Can you teach me more about that? Can I come to your office tomorrow to do another confession rehearsal?"

Mori-sensei seemed reluctant at first, but knowing that I wouldn't give up, she finally said, "Okay, then. Just come to my office tomorrow. We'll find a place to do the rehearsal."

A big smile was plastered on my face as I watched her walking away. My heart was beating very fast with the excitement and nervousness.

Sensei, what if I told you that it's not a rehearsal?


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