Monday, 9 September 2013

Bored of Studying. University 2nd Year Sem 1.

Feeling bored of studying, I'm wondering to myself, why can't I just start working? Why can't I just play with Arduino?

And so let me answer myself.

Why can't I just heck care with all these education and play around with Arduino?
Because you need money to buy that. Or basically you need money to play around. And currently you don't have any money.

Why should I study hard?
Let me tell you something. Get that scholarship, and you won't have money problem anymore. You can buy your Arduino. You can go to Japan for exchange. You can buy what you want. Go get that CAP 5.

Although I won't use most of these stuff?
Again, life will be nicer with that scholarship. You'll get a room with aircon, okay. Get that scholarship. Get it!


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