Friday, 19 April 2013

Sensei's fans would be jealous of me

Sensei has a lot of fans, mainly because she is funny and cheerful, making the class very interesting and fun.

I know a girl whose classes are quite far but she always studies outside the teacher's room to get an opportunity to chat with Sensei. I know somebody who always goes to that faculty canteen at certain time to be able to meet Sensei and have a chat. I know Sensei is very popular among the students.
Even I was very interested at first. Sensei is very funny and the Japanese class is always fun.

Some people brag about having a picture with her, but I know her fans would be jealous to know that:

1. She gave me a box of cookie during White Day because I gave her a chocolate (that I made by myself) during Valentine's Day.

2. I also took a picture during the last day of class.

3. During consultation, I brought Sensei a box of chrysanthemum tea packets since she had been sick for 2 weeks (sore throat and cough) and she lent me her *ehem* used glass to drink the tea together. Now, don't you think that is INDIRECT KISS???

Oh well yes I do think her fans would be jealous of me if they know. But it's not like I'm happy or anything. Since I like her, it would be a good memory, thus I'm noting it down in this blog.


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