Friday, 8 July 2011

This is interesting


how did u become so good at GP

that is such a tricky question.
I don't think the distinction is that I am good at GP
but rather that I am really passionate about teaching. and learning how to teach better.
I have this secret wish to switch subjects a few years down the road and start teaching econs. I hope I will be as good at teaching econs as I am in teaching GP.

so the general steps I took to become better was:

1. each time I encounter something I do not understand I spend time trying to understand it. I start with youtube and the web first. then talk to people. then attend lectures of good lecturers either online or otherwise... and I do not stop till i get it... I still remember starting to learn about U.S debt and pegging and the global economy ... I am still learning. and it has been 6 years. but one thing I will say ... there is not a single year that passes that I do not understand at least 40% more than i did the previous year.

2. I write a lot myself. you have no idea how important it is for me to write and experience the process and thereby observe how it is done. I believe it was only when I became conscious of the process and not do it subconsciously that I was able to teach it with practicality and not just theory.

3. teach teachers. they will offer the best questions and their experience is fantastic. yes, they are a very very challenging group to work with but wow .. the final results are always worth it.

4. travel. there is nothing like seeing what I teach for myself. I feel sorry for my wife sometimes cos we often go to places that have some sort of historical, geographical, political, social interest. She wants to go club med ... and i always scrunch my face. I would rather go cambodia to see the killing fields... lol.. methinks i better go clubmed soon to bring balance to my life.

5. take the exam every year. which I do. It is damn fun lor.

6. I have a conceptual brain. I link ideas together and organise them very fast. I think it has become faster and faster every year because of the subject. mastery in this subject is perhaps one of the most useful skills I have ever invested in.


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