Sunday, 17 July 2011

Do you know 4chan?

Maybe the question should be: do you know 2chan?

2chan is a japanese image board, and 4chan is like the english version for it. Google them if you want to know the website.

What I found interesting about these chan-chan thing is that you can be an anonymous and talk about anything you want without the fear of being traced or judged. I think in a forum like this, people are truly being themselves, ie we can see the true faces of human behind the mask.

Well you should really see the board if you want to see what kind of people are there. In the most active board, most of the guys talk about porn, and in /adv/ (advice) most of people ask for an advice in relationship. Some people are fickle-minded and others do not hesitate to troll them. It's quite interesting, really.

Most of the topics sink very quickly, and I really think nobody gives a damn. I tried to find the topic that I replied to this afternoon, after 6 pages, I gave up. Well it's almost like nobody cares about people's opinion about his reply (maybe except the topic starter).

It's a very interesting internet culture anyway. I know there are some popular incidents like Densha Otoko, and Husky and Medley. You should check that out.


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