Friday, 2 March 2012

On my company

I found some interesting facts about my company.

Firstly, they don't want us, the part-timers, to find out about who their client is, but they put it so blatantly in the file and in the questionares. They must think that we have a brain of a donkey.

So we do surveys, and this particular project we're working on has a freaking long and difficult questionare, and since we're recording our conversations, we need to follow the questionares closely. The commission is $30/survey, and with another project, it becomes almost $60/respondent.

It's quite a great deal of money, however it's very difficult to find people who are willing to let their time to be wasted for about 20 minutes on this kind of thing.

So I dig through the past projects, and I found a similar project conducted in 2010. I take the data, I call the person, brush through the question to get the big picture, record my voice, use a voice changer to change my voice, and voila you get a 20-minutes recording for a 5-minutes survey conducted.


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