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Jyoou no Kyoushitsu

This is a very good Japanese drama and I really recommend everybody to watch this.

What I learn from Jyoou no Kyoushitsu (excerpt):

Hikaru: "Sensei, we have some questions to you."

Akutsu: "Go ahead."

Hikaru: "Why do we study?

You said something before. You said that studying hard, getting into a good college, getting into a good company is meaningless. Then why do we have to study?"

Akutsu: "Open your eyes. You still don't get it? Studying... is not something you have to do. It's something you should want to do. In the future, you'll come across a lot of things that you won't know or comprehend.

Beautiful things, fun things, mysterious things. You'll see many such things. When that happen, you'll want to know more. Human naturally want to study. People whoa re neither curious nor inquisitive are not human. They are lower than monkey.

If you don't truly to understand the world you live in, then what can you do? No matter how much you study, there will always be things you don't understand.

In this world, there are plenty of adults who pretend to know everything. They're just liars.

Whether it's getting into a good college, or into a good company, if you study then you can do anything. The moment you lose your curiosity, is the moment you become as good as dead.

Studying is not something you do to pass the test. It's something you do to become a great person."

Baba: "Sensei."

Akutsu: "What is it?"

Baba: "Why... Why are you so strict to us? Why do you always pick on us?"

Akutsu: "Can you picture it? In this world, there are many things much meaner than i am. As long as people live, bullying will exist. That's because human take pleasure in picking on the weak. People standing up to bad people and strong people is only something you see in drama and in manga. It almost never happen in reality.

If someone picks on you in the future, the important things are the strength to bear it and finding a way to resolve the problem. In this class, there might be people who already know how to do that. Perhaps.


Kazumi: "Is it finding friends who will stand by you no matter what?"

Akutsu: "That could be one way."

Yusuke: "Sensei."

Akutsu: "What is it?"

Yusuke: "You're smart, good at sports, and music. Why were you at the retraining center before coming to this school? I heard that at the last school you hurt a student in the class you're responsible for. Is that true?"

Akutsu: "It's true."

Yusuke: "Why did you do that?"

Akutsu: "The student said something. "Why is it wrong to kill people?"

That student... He was smart, good at sports, and was big so he was feared by his class. That student bullied kids one by one. He drove a student to attempting suicide. He didn't even regret what he did. He said "why is it wrong to kill people?" When he asked that question he knew that no adult could really answer that question.

That's why I taught him, the pain that people feel. That other people are no different from him. That no matter who they are, they have their own wonderful lives. The things that people have, family, love, dreams, hopes, memories, friendship, nobody has the right to take those away.

To the remaining survivors, suffering, pain, sadness, nobody has the right to cause those. That's why it's wrong to kill people.

You guys... You might make mistakes in the future. Take this to heart. People who commit crimes will be caught. Even if you manage to run away, you'll suffer remorse your entire life. You'll be forsaken by people around you. You'll be alone until you die. There's not a single good things. You won't be able to be ever happy again."

Kazumi: "Sensei."

Akutsu: "What is it?"

Kazumi: "You said something before. You said only six percent can become happy. Why?"

Akutsu: "Because it's the reality."

Kazumi: "I don't think that's true."

Akustu: "Why?"

Kazumi: "Happiness... Doesn't it differ from person to person? Everyone is different. There's a happiness to each of the twenty-four people here. There are those who are happy playing soccer. There are people who are happy by being around people they like. Happiness.... Isn't it something you decide, not your teacher? I think... the twenty-four student here. I think they all can become happy."

Akustu: *smiles* "Forever, I will be happy if you can keep that attitude for as long as you live."

Another excerpt

Karia: "I don't know what to do if you're not around. I'm really worried."

Akutsu: "Open your eyes. Of course there are going to be worries in life. The most important things are.. not losing confidence, not paying attention to rumours, and not hurting others.

Think more about the present. Can you picture it? We're surrounded by many beautiful things. Million of stars shine in the night sky. A small butterfly might eagerly fly by your side. If you go to the street, your ear might become filled with the sound of a new song, you might meet a wonderful person. As you gaze at ordinary scenery, there will be many sudden surprises as time flows. Open your eyes and gaze at these important things. Clean your ear and listen . Feel it with your entire body. That's what it means to be alive."

"Do what your 12-year-old can do." (ie study)

These excerpts are only from the last few episodes (ep 10 and 11). The drama really teach me a whole lot other things. About family relationship, about how things that you say when you're angry can actually hurt others even though you're not aware of it, about how you can't actually go against your parents because they're the one who feed you and who give you protection, about how important your friends are and how to treasure them, and more.

This drama is really good. It made me cry buckets at the end :')



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