Saturday, 10 September 2011

Natsu and her story

You should really read this manga, Skip Beat!, because it's the best shoujo manga I've ever read in my life (I read Candy Candy and Pansy, but I haven't read Garasu no Kamen / Glass Mask)

And then you will understand what I'm trying to say in this post.

So basically in the manga, the main character is playing the role of a bully, and her name is Natsu. I fell in love with this ficional character in a fiction (lol) because she's so damn cool. And if I'm the god or the owner of the world, I just want to play tricks on this kind of people, you see.

So Natsu has everything and she's bored with her life, thus she starts bullying people to have fun. What a despicable trait, right?

But Natsu is so cool that I can't hate her.When I go to sleep and think about the manga, I can't help but to think what if god wants to play with her.

You can't help but to think that a person like Natsu would end up together with people as twisted as her, but since god is unpredictable, he makes her fall in love with a guy who is a complete opposite of her.

So I can imagine her doing stuff she usually does everyday, and suddenly a cupid comes to her.
"Oh no, little girl, how can you be mean towards your friends? Don't you know how to love people?"
Natsu glances sideways, "I don't need such a useless feeling like love."
The cupid is of course surprised, "If.. If you say something like that... I'm a cupid, I can make you fall in love with just anyone, you know."

She smiles, "You want to make me fall in love? Do it! I will show you that despite that, I will not show any love to that person!"

The cupid of course takes that challenge, and yeah, so Natsu falls in love with a plain-looking guy with glasses. What kind of story will they have? Don't you feel excited to know the continuation of the story? *smiles*

I was thinking that this plain-looking guy who is always nice and transparent to others actually hides a sad past, and because of that, he cannot feel any emotion. He receives anything that comes to him as a fate, and so he never feels sad when he encounters misfortunes. Anger and happiness become strange feelings to him, although he's always smiling.

Well I was thinking about this because Kyouko who plays as Natsu shows a worried look when she knows that Ren had an accident. I was thinking to myself, "Wow, this is the kind of expression that Natsu won't ever display." and I wonder what god plays with her, and gives her a guy that can make her pull an expression like that.

Ahh, life~


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