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Forgive all the grammar errors, I’m not bothered to correct them.

It was 2025 when science made a progress in distinguishing Indonesian citizens. It is found that the native Indonesian whom race is sometimes referred to as Malays in other countries, are divided into two races based on their genes and the geography of their origins.
One is called the Whua, because they are from the eastern part of Indonesia which is used to be called Whuakami in the 18th Century. It was the Spaniards who took some of these Whua to Java and made them work. Unfortunately their place of origin before they came to Java is unknown due to lack of data.

The other one is called the Rambi, the native Indonesian that came from Malaya Islands, and sometimes the people are called the Malays.

You can distinguish the Whua from the Rambi from their outer look. The Whuas are mostly muscular and they have a big body. Even for the girl, the Whuas are usually plump from since they were born.

One interesting discovery is that the Whua is actually have an innate character of being hard to be educated, and abbhorous in nature. Moreover, it is statistically proven that 89% of the problems in Indonesia's history, such as the 1985 riot and 1992 bombing, are caused by these people.

And now, as the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security, I propose to the government to eradicate this race. I argued that based on what we observed from the history of Indonesia, the main culprits for all the riots were actually the Whua. We may thus punish them for what their ancestors did. Furthermore, based on Indonesian Statistics Department’s speculation, we can actually reduce the current crime rate by 74% if we eliminate the Whua, which is a very big number, considering the large population in Indonesia.

Other arguments are because Indonesia is over-populated, and 49% of the unemployed in Indonesia are the Whua, followed by the Rambi with 29%, and the Chinese with 22%. Moreover, the Whua are not the majority. In total, they only take about 16% of the population. Eliminating this race would only reduce 8 million of people of the population. Thus by eliminating them we can reduce crime rate by 74% and unemployment by 49% just from sacrificing 8 million of people. This is a very good bargain.

Some people strongly opposed this idea by saying that this is a genocide and we will be shunned by other countries.

I replied with a plan. If this plan works, there would be actually no problem. The most important thing is that if we want to eradicate all the Whua, we have to make sure that there's no one remains because we can't take the risk of our plan is discovered and some of the Whua take a revenge on us. Firstly, after we identify all Whua in the world, we will closely monitor them. One thing for a genocide to work without foreign interference is to execute it quickly. We should put all the Whua in one place and make their death seems like an accident, for example, by creating an artificial earthquake or landslide. We can employ some assasins to clear the rest. The time span shouldn’t exceed a week, to prevent any suspicion from the Whua or other people.

The plan will work if more than 87% of the Whuas are killed. The rest will not be able to do anything big to fight back the government, that is if our plan is discovered. But the most important thing of all, the rest of 13% still have to be eliminated. We can’t risk them to grow and limp the nation.

It took quite a long time to persuade the other Ministers and the President before they agree with my plan. And thus began the long journey.


It's a cold night and I'm looking at the scenery of the city from my 23th storey condominium. The TV is glaring behind me.

"Thus it marks the end of the memorial for the victims of the devastating great earthquake three years ago..."

I especially like my room because the window is just a big transparent glass on one side of the room.

I take a sip from the wine glass that I'm holding while watching the flickering lights on some houses out there.

"... the victims will always be remembered in our hearts forever and always..."

I place my glass on the little table near me and keep staring on the city below while my mind wanders. It has been three years since that event, and due to its success, I was promoted to the Chief General Executive position in the Ministry of Home Affairs, which means my position is directly below the minister. Since I initiated this whole kill-all-the-Whua idea, I'm responsible to see this plan to the end. In fact, even until now I'm still hunting the rest of the Whua, which I believe is only a few left.

I look at my own reflection on the window. I'm not good in reading expressions, but I'm sure that I look anything but happy.

I chuckle. I think I never look happy even once ever since that incident. And this is all because of the damn Whua.

"Don't move."

A sharp pain stings my back and I flinch. From the reflection, there's a guy behind me pointing a knife on my back, or at least that's what I infer, since I can't really see the knife.

What the..?! Why didn't I see him coming?!

A surge of anxiety hits me.

"Take whatever you want. I won't report you to the police." I move my body to the front to stop the knife from touching me.

Knowing that, he poke the tip of his knife onto me and I flinch again. "I'm not a thief."


"What do you want?" I asked.
"I know you're the mastermind of all the mass killing in the last three years."

I kept silent.

He continued, "It is weird enough that the rate of mortality in the past three years suddenly rose by 70%, not counting the victims from the great earthquake incident. But even the incident alone is very weird."

"When you look at the list of victims, strangely, you will find that they are connected to each other in a way or another. Some of them are distant cousin, and some have the same ancestry root. Is this a coincidence? I don't think you can find an incident where over five million people who are related die due to a natural disaster."

I still kept silent.

"It took me three years to finally find you."

"What do you want?" I asked again.

"I want to take a revenge on my family."

So he's one of the Whua who survived. I've been anticipating this to happen. Sooner or later, the Whua will realize this and somehow they will find me. This is inevitable.

But that doesn't mean that I'm going to willingly let myself to be killed.

"I understand," I said.

He seems surprised that I didn't resist at all. At that moment, I caught him off guard and I try to twist his arm. Of course it failed, he's a big guy and I'm just a small woman, but at least I manage to loosen his grip on the knife. When it drops onto the floor, I kick it across the room.

I try to run and grab for the doorknob when he yanks my hand.


Yeah, that's all. I'm not going to finish this (I have a bad habit of not finishing what I have started). Basically it's a love story, not an action or thriller or whatever theme you might be thinking of after you read the first few paragraphs.

So our protagonist is a girl (do you realize that?) and she has a grudge against these Whua people because they killed her family in a riot. Then afer she killed all the Whua, a survivor comes to her. Well yeah, I will leave the rest of the story to your imagination.


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