Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Why Suikoden 2 is my favourite RPG game ever

Firstly, it's very fun. There are 108 characters to obtained, and every character has his own story.
There are a lot of mini-games eg cooking, fishing, rock-climbing, etc.
There are secret stuff eg a ninja village. Omg I found that by accident seriously!
AWESOME BGM. Every music brings a fragment of memory of the game.

And most of all, I really love the storyline.

Basically it's about Riou (us) and Jowy, his childhood friend, who live in Highland Kingdom. At that time, Highland Kingdom is at peace treaty with city-state of Jowston. One day when they're in Unicord Brigade (like junior army) camp, they are attacked by enemy which they thought must be from Jowston. It turns out that they are attacked by Highland Army led by Prince Luca Blight.

Luca orchestrated the slaughter of Unicorn Brigade so that he can tell the Highland citizens that they're attacked by Jowston, thus he would have an excuse to attack the cities in Jowston.
(This is not told in the story, but Luca did this because when he was young, his parents were attacked by Jowston bandits when they're on a journey back to Highland. His father ran away, leaving his mother behind. She would then be raped by those bandits. Ever since, Luca hates Jowston and his father. But he loves his sister Jillia since she looks like their mother so much.)

Basically Rious and Jowy found out about this and they were chased to a cliff. At that cliff, they make a promise that they would make it alive and they would meet at that place again. After that, they jump from the cliff to the river below.

At this point, there's an intermezzo about Riou and Jowy childhood. Riou is an orphan and he was adopted by a man called Grandpa Genkaku. Jowy is a son of a respectable man in the town. They would play together with Riou's big sister Nanami.

When Riou awakes, he realized that he's in a fortress in city-state of Jowston. Since they're enemies, he's locked in a prison, but later Jowy will save him and they will run away to Toto city.

Basically there are a lot of things happening eg they witness how Luca shows no mercy to everybody and he kills people, calling them "pigs". They met a girl who lost her parents in the massacre (Jowy will adopt her later). And they are called to the capital city of Jowston - Muse City. Lady Annabelle, the leader of this city-state will greet them and they will be involved in sneaking into Highland Army camp to find out about their food supply. But that time Jowy will sacrifice himself (fighting the army alone) and tell us to go without him.

He will show himself at Muse City though. We thought he managed to run away, but no, he made a deal with Highland Army. Later he would kill Lady Annabelle and he would join Highland. Well, for Riou, he will defeat a vampire and get a castle. The castle will expand as he recruits 108 characters. Eventually, Riou will visit every state in Jowston to get the governor to join his army to fight Luca. He would be the leader of Jowston, replacing Annabelle.

On the other side, Luca poisons his father and becomes a king. Jowy managed to marry Jillia, Luca's sister, and he secretly plots against Luca. He made Riou and Jowston army kill Luca (thus he becomes the king of Highland).

The thing is, Jowy believes that since Riou and him were born in Highland, they are supposed to build Highland Kingdom back instead of joining the enemy to defeat the Kingdom. However, Riou believes that Highland has lost the trust of the people and it's beyond repair. He thinks they should demolish the kingdom and create a new country. These two different beliefs lead childhood friends against each other.
*teary eyes*

You may want to see this to see why it's very difficult for Riou too to leave the city-states of Jowston.

And believe me, that's not the only story. We also have the stories about the side characters (my favourite character is Teresa Wisemail).

In the end they make a final fight against each other at the cliff where they made a promise to meet each other *teary eyes*.

The storyline of Suikoden 2 is very touching and every BGM song carries a certain memory. It's simply wonderful.

Let me tell you Jowy's awesome strategy that makes him able to get Luca's permission to marry Jillia.
To capture the state of Greenhill (led under Teresa as acting-mayor), he took his army to camp surrounding the city. As a result, Greenhill people are not able to get out of the city. Then, Jowy released the prisoners from Muse City to Greenhill. Since Teresa is very kind-hearted, of course she let them get into the city. However, the problem is that there's not enough food for everybody because of extra people coming, and they can't get out to get food from other cities. In the end, the people from Muse City made a riot with Greenhill citizens and basically Greenhill are defeated from inside, without any effort from the Highland Army. Teresa blamed herself for this and she hid in the wood to avoid being captured by the Highland Army. OH POOR TERESA. I MEAN IF I'M HER I ALSO DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. I KNOW THERE'S NOT ENOUGH FOOD BUT I'M NOT SO HEARTLESS TO REFUSE THE MUSE PEOPLE.

In summary, Suikoden 2 is AWESOME. Full stop. I think it's the best in Suikoden series.


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