Friday, 27 May 2011

My dream

It was in a kingdom somewhere where the people have power and fighting techniques.

Rurino is friends with a girl named A, and one night when Rurino thought she's having sex with Mr R (in the dark), A thought "it's in the dark, she won't know" and they end up having sex.

But after making Rurino orgasm with her finger, she hesitates for a while. At this point, Rurino suddenly realized.What if the one she's having sex to is not Mr R? Worse, what if this person calls her Yukino instead of Rurino? (A always calls her Yukino)

Then she decided to turn on the light, just when A is trying dress up and get out of the room. Using her skill to disguise as other ppl, she disguised as a man and with tears on her cheek, she said "I'm sorry Yukino!" and she ran away.

A thought everybody must be searching for her in the kingdom, so she hides in school. She just sit in the shade with a file over her face thinking what she has done.

The next morning Rurino decided to come up as who she is (she turns green) and everybody cheers. Ms Aya is going to leave the school in 3 days so they paint a cross on the assembly plaza with three tiles for the upper part of the cross to remember her. A (which is a guy) realized that everybody has known about the truth and he was taken by Rurino's friends to a classroom. Outside the classroom he met Rurino and apologize. But apparently they're manga characters, thus what they did is recorded in the manga. So he said "but you know how I feel when you read the manga right? Have you read the manga?" and Rurino replied "They (her friends) are reading it! You want to talk about how exactly you get me into bed?" A was embarassed.

Then in the classroom their friends are reading the manga. It is in the screen, very big.

I'm sorry I think I made a lot of grammar mistakes. I'm trying to type as fast as possible since I can still remember the dream.

Basically in my dream, A is me. And I don't understand why later on A changes from a girl to a guy (but dreams never make sense) so I think I have a bipolar disorder. I always think that there's a girl and a guy inside me. So basically in this dream I'm raping somebody.


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