Saturday, 28 May 2011

Diary of Wimpy Kid : Rodrick Rules

Well so I just finished watching The Diary of Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules and do you know what I think?

I think Greg should be with Patty. When Patty removes her braces and starts having a better hairstyle, they would be in high school and Greg would be taller than her. At that time, she will realize that Greg is now not the guy that she used to beat up in middle school. He's a lot stronger now. Imagine something like this:

*Patty harassing Greg*
Patty: You're lame! Do you remember I used to beat you up?
Greg: It was when we were in middle school!
Greg: You think you're so mighty, huh?
*Greg corners Patty against the wall*

This is usually the time when Patty would think "oh shit, since when he became so intimidating?"

Yeah well, I think they should be together.

And for Rodrick, I would like a nice and calm girl, a valedictorian, for him.
So maybe the school would assign her to improve Rodrick's result and voila she has to stick around him.
She's totally not his type. She wears glasses and sleek ponytail. She wears very light make-up. Rodrick would prefer girls who wear more revealing clothes that show their curves. It's better if they have a sexy hairstyle.

He is totally not her type. He is arrogant, irresponsible, messy, he has totally no future.

At first he tries to intimidate her so that she would just leave her alone. Rodrick thinks she has never been kissed, so maybe he can pretend to corner her and kiss her, to show her who's the boss. He aims to make her scared of him and just gives up on the assignment. But well, something about her attracts him.

And one day they have a misunderstanding, an argument (it kinda annoys him because she's very calm although she's supposed to be angry). He grabs her arm and kisses her, because that's what he has been trying to suppress since a week. After that, she never meets him anymore.

But now Rodrick realizes his feeling and he's trying to be closer to her. But how? She's avoiding him now.
Slowly he starts to change. He changes his hairstyle, he puts more effort in his study, and he starts paying attention to his manner.

It turns out that she has been falling for him for the whole time. Yeah well, cliche ending.


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