Friday, 8 November 2013

Studying Japanese (again)

The previous post was made last semester, while I was taking Japanese 3.
This semester I'm taking Japanese 4.
(btw, yep I got my A :))

So for Japanese 4, the grading criteria are:
Continuous Assessment : 70%
Final Examination : 30%

Components for CA:
1. Attendance
So far I have perfect attendance. (But so does (almost) everybody else)

2. Class Participation
This semester, either it's because the teacher thinks I'm doing well, or she's scared of me because I'm getting more aggressive to getting close to her, most of the time in class she didn't really ask me a lot of questions.

3. Dialogue Performance
This semester I think I did not as good as the others. There's always something wrong, like intonation of pronunciation, etc.

4. Quizzes
- 9 lecture quizzes   (31/36)
I think I lost some quizzes hmm.
- 12 vocab quizzes  (93/100)
wait but I lost 1quiz D: and the teacher never gives back the quiz we did during e-learning week, let's say I got 110/120
- 3 kanji quizzes (maybe 40/45)
haven't got one back yet,
- 5 listening quizzes  (24/30)
there's supposed to be 5 quizzes but I only have 3 with me??

Overall, I did worse on the (almost) daily quizzes.

5. Homework
I still don't know how they mark the homework. But usually I just made a little mistake here and there.

6. Mid-term test
40.5/50, at least above average (the average is 35.5)

7. Project work
- About yourself (okay, I guess)
- Individual "Invitation Letter" (sucks)
- Group "Invitation Letter" (SHE NEVER SAW MY GROUP'S LETTER)
- Individual essay (The life in Singapore University) (I think this is quite well)
- Group essay (same, I guess)
- Individual "Thank you letter" (I made a mistake on the format)
- Group "Thank you letter" (I think there's no time to do this. We never did it.)
- Kansoubun draft (okay only, I would even say sub-par)
- Kansoubun final (a bit better, but not that marvelous either)

8. Oral Interview

I have a mixed feeling about my result this sem. There are times that I thought to myself I might not be able to get an A for Japanese 4, but I think I didn't do that bad either. There might be a chance to get an A, let's just cross fingers on Oral test and Final exam.



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