Wednesday, 10 August 2011

An epiphany of a manga character

When I was 5 years old, I knew that I'm a manga character.

The mangaka appeared before me and told me that. Of course at first I thought he was just a freak who ran away from a mental institution, but then he gave me misfortunes for 3 whole days =___= so I have no option but to agree with him (so that he lifted whatever curse he gave me). So from then on, I always think that he is either a mangaka or a fortune teller with an ability to put a curse on people.

He appears mysteriously and I can never seem to find him when I need him, but 5 years ago when I was in primary school, he told me that I'm in a harem manga and a guy is supposed to move into the empty room in my apartment building when I'm 17 years old. He is the main character, and he will be together with my best friend Ryn. Well, along with the rest of the people in the apartment, I'm just a side character to liven up the manga. No wonder most of the tenants in my apartment building are young girls =____=

Well now that I'm 17 years old, I become used to the idea that this life is just a manga. I met the aforementioned guy, and he's a nice guy. Apparently this is an ecchi manga because that guy accidentally keep putting himself in ecchi situation with the girls =____= and it just pisses me off for no reason. Maybe my role in this manga is a tsundere.

But that mangaka recently gives my heart a thump everytime I see that guy. Bastard. Am I supposed to fall for him? That mangaka already put him with Ryn and so I'm playing the role of the girl with unrequited love for the main character? I refuse. He's not for me and so I won't give even a slight response to this feeling.



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